Sunday, December 5, 2010

5 examples of input devicesI

Input Devices

Input devices are things we use to put information INTO a computer.

  Here are some examples of input devices.

 Note:  An APPLICATION is a type of computer program.
Some applications are word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and games.

1.)  Camera
             Most cameras like this are used during live conversations.  The camera transmits a picture from one computer to another, or can be used to record a short.

 2.)  Compact Disc (CD) 

   CDs store information.  The CD can then be put into another computer, and the information can be opened and added or used on the second computer.
Note:  A CD-R or CD-RW can also be used as an OUTPUT device.

3.)    Keyboard 
              The keyboard is a way to input letters or numbers into different applications or programs.  A keyboard also has special keys that help operate the computer.

 4.) Mouse 

            The mouse is used to open and close files, navigate web sites, and click on a lot of commands (to tell the computer what to do) when using different applications.

5.)  Scanner 

             A scanner is used to copy pictures or other things and save them as files on the computer.  

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